Are you an e-PMO ?

Your company, although operational, may suffer from a kind of collective inefficiency that result into failures on several projects? ?

Your managerial lines are effective, but they are struggling to run transformations that involve agile, collaborative and/or transversal approach.

'Project coordination functions’ have been deployed to resolve these challenges.

The generic term PMO (Project Management Officer) is most often used to name this duty, although other terminologies exist like Project Office, for example.

This article aims to enlighten you on the concept of PMO and specifically on its declension in e-PMO. It aims to make you aware of the risks and benefits of implementing such an approach.

Are you rather an e-PMO or a PMO?

In order to properly position the PMO 'duty', it is important to wonder about the type of the project he usually works on:

  • Project coordination and decision-making support

  • Running the evolution of the corporate culture and managerial needs in projects

  • Managing the Company's transformation roadmap and reporting

  • The description, upholding and deploying of a project framework and its tools (PPM software)

  • Training, development of individual and collective skills in project management and governance

  • Contribute to projects and taking responsibility for several keyprocesses of project management (Costs / Contracts / Deadlines, Risks, Communication, ...)

The PMO approach support an operational perimeter and ensures the proper integration of a framework and a project management tool into a key function of the company. The PMO is “support” oriented.

The e-PMO (enterprise - Project Management Office) approach is deployed more widely today and offers a different approach to the traditional PMO. e-PMO acts directly at the highest level, as close as possible to the executives to ensure that the projects and portfolios are in line with the objectives and strategy of the whole company. The e-PMO performs cross-sectional services on behalf of complex transformation plans and/or complex operations. The e-PMO is “services” oriented.

This requires the organization to have a clear and defined framework of:

  • Corporate governance

  • Strategic management

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Program and Project Management

  • IT business structure

  • Human and cultural resources

One thing is certain: the PMO duty can double the chances of a project's success. Indeed, a PMI study shows that companies with a PMO have a project failure rate lower than 33%.

With this context operating in “project mode” is now a way of corporate governance. It is now necessary to move from a PMO to an enterprise PMO, whatever the size of the company is.

If the implementation of a PMO or its skills upgrade version the e-PMO is a projects the benefits are significant:

  • A better ratio of projects launched to start-ups project

  • Project targets more often achieved

  • Better recognition for taking projects into account in workload and individual and collective performance

  • More efficient reporting and a significant decrease of time spend on meeting

  • Save time in decisions making (better framing, common language, ...) and in the execution of projects (less time spend on planning, standardization of deliverables, ...)

  • Better forecasting and real analysis in terms of dates, workload, budgets and risks

  • Better balance management and effective communication of the roadmap, its stakeholders and its deadlines

Dare evaluate the maturity of your project mode!

In order to know the maturity of your organization project management model, to convince yourself of having an e-PMO-type approach, and above all to identify improvement area with high added value, we recommend that you and several stakeholders of your company complete this free online test: TESTMATURITE.COM.

Take 15 minutes for TESTMATURITE.COM. It's simple and free. A full report about your personal vision of project mode and your organization's will be send to you by email.

Use a graphic that allows you to compare your project portfolio management with the framework of good practices (SMPP – Système de Management du Portefeuille de Projets or Project Portfolio Management System) and project management maturity model. This graphic will help you target the improvement area of your management / project governance.

With the help of our consultants, identify key actions and improvements areas so that your organization will be guided, and your managers will be involved in improving project management and governance processes.

This test is an ally for your consideration about setting up a PMO within your organization and its positioning as PMO or e-PMO.

For more than 10 years, IQar has been a partner in developing management and project governance skills. With 200 projects as a transition PMO, IQar has developed: SuiteProG – the most PPM suitable solution to help companies developing their project management maturity model. Are you next?

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