Buying PPM software is good. Proving that it brings value is better!

Author: Erick ATHIER, Co-Director

IQar - Project Portfolio Management Consulting firm and SuitePro-G publisher.

People who evaluated/deployed project portfolio management (PPM) software are aware of the importance of this tool is for the company. They also know how difficult it is to convince the company of its ROI (Return On Investment). Its demonstration is often impossible (at the time of the acquisition and deployment process), because of the absence of objective criterium on project management,

Thanks to SuitePro-G, you will be able to prouve that your PPM software is being used and that it brings the value you were looking for.

Determine the outcome and the change required to your PPM approach

At IQar we have developed a project management method that facilitates the recognition of a clear vision and outcome shared by managers. On one hand, our method allows you to define a priority to have a qualitative and/or quantitative ROI on your PPM. On the other hand, this method facilitates an agreement on the set of goals and criterion according to different levels of project management intervention. In the deployment device of our PPM software SuitePro-G, we share our unique 'KPI method' with our sponsors. This method allows them to answer the following questions:

Quelle est la raison pour laquelle vous souhaitez déployer un PPM

What is the main reason why you want to deploy a PPM software? Do you want to give meaning to your strategies and to better master the collective efficiency of a project management? Do you want to know about the workload of project and its management in an operational / business context? Do you want to professionalize some processes such as budget control? Do you “simply” want to install a pragmatic and cross-sectional method to better frame, plan and follow project?

Do you already have indicators on your project approach ? Number of projects delivered/stopped ? Durations / Efforts / Average project budgets? Employees, dedicated to projects ? ...

“Simply” run your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Piloter simplement ses indicateurs de performances (KPI).  SuiteProG

You just have to identify the “best” indicators (KPI) and follow them! Do you think this is difficult? SuitePro-G have an innovative feature that allows you to produce at your pace and among 60 indicators, to identify idicators that will allow you to:

  • To run the use of your PPM software

  • To keep the implementation of your project management/ methodology under control

In this way, for example, our clients know monthly/weekly: How many project forecasts are late? how many tasks are without allowances and/or without manager? What is the average connection time in the PPM software/role in projects? What is the average duration of a project but also of a project phase ? ... The number of “person-day” expected in the projects, the number of uninformed framing documents


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