SuitePro-G: 5 features that will attract you ! Part 1

Author: Yohann Romand, Senior Consultant in Project Management,

IQar - Project Portfolio Management Consulting firm and SuitePro-G publisher

You want to equip your project approach, but you do not know which PPM software to choose?

Thanks to this article will not be hesitant anymore!

Some software are very comprehensive and covers an impressive array of features but are often expensive and complex to deploy, especially if you do not use it entirely. Others are specialized, (example: only for a collaborative solution) but not enough developed on other features such as cross-sectional project management.

SuitePro-G is a pragmatic, comprehensive, economical and methodological tool. It is the perfect solution to help you managing and running your projects.

Do you doubt that? The 5 features presented below will convince you!

SuiteProG, un outil paramétrable pour s'adapter à votre langage et à vos pratiques

1 / A customizable tool adapted to your language and practices !

A large number of fields are completely customizable to match your designations such as the title of the key players in the project, the project progress ...

You don't want to use certain features like program editorial or scoring for your projet management, turn them off with a single click. You already have a framing memorandum, report it to the same in SuitePro-G. Create has many attributes has you wish (drop-down list, date, digital...) to filter and refine your analysis and management!

SuiteProG Un angle d'approche par projet et par personne

2 / An Approach per project and per person !

Are you looking for a project, a list of projects ? or do you want to have access to the users list to see the resource load, to know how many projects Mr. X is running as a project manager ?

SuitePro-G combines this dual approach that allows everyone to quickly get the information they want to create a unique user experience !

SuiteProG une planification intégrée, interactive et modélisable

3 / Integrated, interactive, customizable planning!

Be more efficient in the plan of your projects, turn a complex project into a simple and meaningful action plan!

Use our 3 interconnected tools Structure de découpage (Mind Mapp) / Gantt / Kanban in responsive and interactive mode!

Make easier the project managers’ time administration and standardize approaches for similar or recurring projects by offering action plan templates that you have defined !

SuiteProG un outil collaboratif pour rester en alerte !!

4 / A collaborative tool to stay alert!

Synchronies your business email like Outlook with SuitePro-G, enable notification or email alerts, and improve responsiveness and efficiency as your projects progress !

SuiteProG un espace documentaire intégré

5 / A built-in documentary space

Store any type of documents related to each project to share with all the shareholders !

Did these first 5 features convinced you? Don't hesitate and ask for a demonstration of our software ! SuitePro-G Demo request

You're still hesitating! See you soon for the 2nd part on our PPM features that will eventually convince you!

You are looking for simple and efficient management, the company IQar, has designed and developed SuitePro-G, software to manage the projects portfolio for a profitable and operational management of your projects!

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