The Voice is… MATT’ by IQar

This article is not about the famous TV show... But about the voice assistant in project management, a new mode of interaction with users based on voice. With MATT' your projects will have a great resonance!

The voice assistant is aligned with evolution of new technologies: after touch-sensitive keyboard and touch screen terminal, now is the time of voice-controlled system.

Voice assistants have 20 million users in France, according to a study published by Roland Berger. Voice speakers have 1.7 million users in France, with 600,000 units sold in 2018.

Google Home lead the raking of the most used voice assistants in France. Although its usefulness is often challenged, the real advantage is the hands-free devise to manage daily tasks such as shopping list, reading of a cooking recipe, planning the day, the weather, alarm clock... translation via Google Map, information on the best route.

This smart speaker offers an important interest thanks to its voice control, faster than typing (see the use of SIRI or 'OK Google' on smartphones).

The new digital age is on!

An attractive trend! Even if nowadays, it is difficult to say that data security and confidentiality are guaranteed, and that trust in voice assistants is not yet fully gained ... who might think that they are not the next step in management software?

IQar, a consulting company and publisher of SuitePro-G, a PPM software specialized in project portfolio management, in partnership with Google, has developed MATT' SuiteProG voice assistant for project players.

For more than 10 years, IQar has been offering its expertise in project portfolio management and giving to its clients a fully equipped and innovative approach.

Publisher of the PPM software, SuitePro-G, IQar has been the vector of user-oriented innovation for the past 2 years.

Firstly, with its professional mobile app SuitePro-G Pocket, and now with MATT'.

Thanks to its professional voice assistant, IQar will revolutionize the projects management approach.

Having project portfolio management software can be a real challenge for a project stakeholder. It means that users must re-examine the way they work and acquire a strictness to provide good information about their project on time.

Thanks to MATT' the vocal assistant, PMOs will become more efficient and will be able to report in an enjoyable way.

''Talk to SuitePro-G!''

By pronouncing “Talk to SuitePro-G”, the “wake-up word” of our virtual assistant MATT', it is possible to ask about the progress of the projects I am assigned to, such as:

  • the number and the name of projects in progress

  • the number and the name of delayed projects

  • the names of the next 3 projects that will expire soon

  • the number and name of the next 3 projects to start

The icing on the cake, thanks to MATT’, Key staff don't necessarily need to open the SuiteProG Project Management software, they just have to ask MATT' through the Google assistant. The data are consolidated and transmitted by MATT'. It's the Google home of B to B: a voice control is enough to cross-reference a lot of very complex information.

Many other features are available, they all have a common goal: make easier the report and give visibility to a project. In fact, MATT' is evolving and its skills will grow steadily.

Soon MATT' will be able to open a project faster, complete a forecast and get on with actions for you in the Gantt chart!

MATT’ the vocal assistant also manages “small talk” which are “ready-made” questions often associated with the use of connected speakers and creates answers to those questions.

For example, if we say to MATT' “Be smart” he'll say, “I try a little more every day but if you want, I can put you in contact with Charly, the brain of the team?”

These Small Talk have been configured to show users that they are in the IQar/SuitePro-G/Pure Project Players environment.

How recruiting MATT' in your Project team?

  • Only one prerequisite: download Google's Assistant app, via the Apple store or the Android store to use MATT'.

  • One constraint: to have a @gmail account. But today who doesn't have a Gmail account?

  • An opportunity: to be part of the 6,000 SuitePro-G users.

So are you ready to have a virtual ally in the management of your projects?

To your MATT', Set, Speak!

Stephanie GERMAIN, Co-Director of IQar, Pure Project Player.

IQar has been a Lyon-based consulting company and project management software publisher for more than 10 years.

IQar is dedicated to help clients achieve strategic and innovation excellence, make business decisions with confidence and increase portfolio value.

Today, more than 200 companies trust IQar's PPM software SuitePro-G to manage their projects, resources and portfolios.

SuitePro-G by IQar is a collaborative PPM software designed for businesses looking for a turnkey solution. Since its launch, SuitePro-G has seduced and offered low-maturity companies in project management a pragmatical, methodological, pedagogical and attractive tool.

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